ECP 3D Western Saddle Pad with Memory Foam

Product Description
In ECP’s 3D Western Saddle Pad with Memory Foam, the traditional western cut meets our revolutionary new 3D material. The mesh material holds tightly to the saddle while open air channels in the pad provide constant breathability and ventilation. This 3D compression material is ultra-light with great impact protection, while the meticulously shaped top line of the pad optimizes air flow for maximum breathability and enhanced circulation.

This black saddle pad includes four pockets with two on each side. Each pocket contains an adjustable memory foam shim that can be moved wherever support is needed to eliminate pressure points, allowing you to customize the fit to you and your horse’s needs. This makes it great for horses when they change shape due to age or physical conditions, or for horses with saddle fit problems or sore points.
$ 89.95