ECP 3D Air Ride® Half Pad

Product Description
Our original Air Ride® pads are a durable, impact resistant option with plenty of ventilation. No matter your riding style, this all purpose pad is suitable for competition, eventing, as well as casual riding. Eliminate pressure points while maintaining a perfect fit. The TPR material absorbs shocks, while hundreds of ventilation holes throughout the pad provide all-over breathability. 3D Air Ride® pads feature a new, lightweight compression mesh construction. Within each pad hundreds of flexible fibers work together for total support and stability. Non-slip, high-grip underside hold tightly while conforming to the shape of the horse's back for maximum comfort for both horse and rider. Retains original shape after each use.

Includes four pockets(two on each side) with a contoured memory foam shim in each pocket. The adjustable memory foam shims can be moved wherever support is needed to eliminate pressure points This allows you to customize the fit exactly where you need it. The memory foam is provided with the pad and is contoured specifically for front or rear placement allowing for a more ergonomic fit. Allows for customizing with the ability to fit and compensate for changes in the horse's shape due to age or physical condition. Perfect for horses with saddle fit problems or sore points
$ 49.95 $ 59.99