Detailer's Preference Microfiber Complete Auto Detailing Kit 5-Pieces Plus Bag

Product Description
This Detailer's Preference complete detailing kit is the superior choice in automotive detailing. Included are one knobby scrub sponge for washing your wheels, one large 18 in. X 28 in. microfiber dual density drying towel, one interior flexible microfiber duster 16 in. for cleaning your vehicle interior (console, instrument panel, dash) removing dust and dirt, a knobby scrub glove for washing the exterior body and windows, and one 5 in. applicator pad for applying wax and other detailing agents. These towels, cloths, sponge and pads provide a superior shine and detail due to their microfiber composition of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Rinse your microfiber products frequently. Microfiber does not scratch surfaces, but due to its enormous absorbing capability, it may attract and trap particles that may cause abrasion or scratching. It is important to rinse these products frequently to ensure that particles are released in your bucket and not on the surface you are trying to clean.
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