Barrett-Jackson® 16 x 16 in. 365 GSM Dope-Dyed Red Microfiber Towels – 12-pack

Product Description
The Barrett-Jackson® Dope-Dyed Red Microfiber Towels is a 12-pack of 16 x 16-inch edgeless red towels made of 365 GSM microfiber. The yarn is dyed prior to being weaved into a towel, ensuring that minimal chemical dyes are used and providing a strong color fastness that helps prevent fading and running colors. These towels make it easy to clean and dry an entire vehicle quickly and leave it spotless and shiny.

These durable and long-lasting microfiber towels are machine washable and can be washed and re-used hundreds of times without losing their efficacy. Don't let their extreme softness fool you; these towels are built to last.
$ 23.95