Nouvelle Legende® Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats - Set of 12

Product Description
This 12-set Nouvelle Legende® Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats are elegant placemats that are favorites of high-end restaurants but fit perfectly at any home dining table. They can be used daily and will not wear prematurely. With so many design choices, your table decor can change any time you want. Use every day or for special occasions and use either indoors or outdoors.

Our mats have a heat-cut edge to prevent fraying. They are made from PVC on the outer shell and have a polyester core. Each purchase contains 12 placemats measuring 18 x 13 inches each.

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp sponge or towel using water or a mild soap solution.
$ 21.95