Nouvelle Legende Kitchen and Dish Towels, Cotton, 14.75 x 24.5 Inches, White with Red Herringbone Stripes, 6 Pack

Product Description
Unsurpassed quality with Nouvelle Legende. 100% Cotton, 23oz. per dozen, 14.75” x 24.5” Woven Yarn Dyed Towels. White color with Red Herringbone Stripes. Perfectly sized kitchen towels for every need. Multi-purpose to dry dishes, glasses, counters, tabletops, and more. Lightweight dish cloths provide are super absorbent for heavy duty absorption. From a small spill to a big mess - wipe it clean and dry with non abrasive cotton dish cloths. Lint free towels are built with strong and durable cotton fibers. They're safe to use on all your plates, pots, pans, silverware, dishware, and more. Soft yet effective, long-lasting, and durable towels are machine washable and can be re-used over and over again. The best rags you'll ever own. Hassle-free hanging loop included on every towel. Complete your home and kitchen with Nouvelle Legende.
$ 7.99