CleanAide Snap On Dust Pan & Broom Kit, Blue & White, 2 Pieces

Product Description
The CleanAide Dustpan and Brush Set is an easy to use tool that can tackle any size mess. Made with high quality PET fibers, designed with a non- slip grip to provide maximum comfort and control. Clean with less effort, CleanAide hand broom snaps firmly into the dustpan for easy storage. The soft molded lip will allow for maximum cleaning with minimal hassle. Lightweight and convenient, the CleanAide dustpan and brush set has a built in scraper with teeth to easier clean the broom. Clean pet hair and human hair with one pull on the teeth. Created with long-lasting brush bristles, designed to capture and pickup dirt effectively. The wide dustpan lip allows for maximum surface contact, leaving behind no debris. CleanAide makes cleaning a breeze.
$ 14.97