ECP Horse Ear Plugs

Product Description
ECP’s Horse Ear Plugs are made of 100% Australian Merino sheepskin, are lightweight, and the high-quality sheepskin makes them hypoallergenic. They come in both black and brown variants.

Ear plugs are used to help keep a horse calm during situations that can be stressful to them. Horses have an acute sense of hearing that ranges from very high to very low frequencies that are often inaudible to humans. In certain circumstances when their hearing senses are triggered, horses will run away, spook, or simply be afraid, leading to unpredictable results. Ear plugs are often used during grooming, eventing, and training, as well as when a horse is exposed to new surroundings, stables within a high traffic barn, or travels around a high-traffic road or parade. Any kind of noisy environment that could be perceived as a threat by a horse is a good place to use equine ear plugs.

Care instructions: Machine wash in cold water or gentle cycle. The use of regular laundry detergent will cause the sheepskin to deteriorate. Dry in shade, not in direct sunlight or any direct heat source.
$ 8.95