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ECP – Equine Comfort Products®

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Shop the premium supplier for equestrians with equipment that is unsurpassed in quality, design, and utility. Equine Comfort Products® is an equestrian brand that understands the need for performance and practicality by engineering products that benefit both horse and rider. For 15 years ECP has been developing some of the best synthetic saddle pads, sheepskin tack, and other horse riding supplies that will endure for years.

ECP Saddle Pads

Keep your horse feeling cool and dry with the added comfort and protection of an ECP saddle pad. Each pad is uniquely designed with a contoured top line that promotes constant cooling airflow for excellent circulation. ECP's online store collection includes the Air Ride® line, dressage pads, half pads, and many more pads for all riding styles. Purchase a saddle pad from one of the premier equine brands today.

ECP Riding Tack and Equine Accessories

The Equine Comfort Products® online shop has a number of horse equipment products for grooming, tack accessories, and more. Our line includes soft ear plugs for loud areas, sheepskin fleece halter sets and girth covers, bell boots and leg wraps, and high-quality microfiber towels perfect for wiping down both your horse and tack. Take a look through the ECP collection for more information.