CleanAide® Chenille and Terry Weave Microfiber Duster Cover – 6-pack

Product Description
Experience the most practical and efficient cleaning experience with this 6-pack of CleanAide® Chenille and Terry Microfiber Duster Covers. Simply slide the sleeve over your duster and you're ready to clean and dust. No water required. It's safe to use on all surfaces around the home, including electronic screens, as well as on your vehicle. One slide of the duster will seem to erase dirt and dust instantly, as if it were a magic wand.

The secret is in the composition. One side is thick chenille microfiber and the other is terry weave. Microfiber works by lifting and trapping dirt, dust, and other nuisances instead of pushing the mess elsewhere. Machine washable and safe, you'll also find that the duster sleeve can rid itself of most debris with a firm shake. These CleanAide® Chenille and Terry Microfiber Duster Covers are best used with the CleanAide® Microfiber Flex Duster.
$ 19.95