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Upgrade to the superior cleaning system that outshines traditional cotton mop technology with CleanAide®'s microfiber mops and reusable mop pads.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a finely woven synthetic material made of polyester and polyamide. Its weave is ultra-fine, measuring less than one denier in width; in other words, microfiber threads have a diameter of less than ten micrometers. This makes microfiber ideal for grabbing dust, dirt, and other debris while cleaning floors, furniture, and other surfaces.

How do microfiber mops compare vs cotton mops?

Unlike cotton mops that spread debris, CleanAide® microfiber mops lift and trap dust and dirt deep into their fibers for remarkably clean floors just when you use dry mop pads. When you use wet mop pads, microfiber will absorb its weight in water several times over, how much depending on the heaviness of the cloth.

Along all these benefits, microfiber is also lint-free (which can't be said of cotton) and it doesn't harbor odors like cotton tends to. Microfiber products also have a longer lifespan when compared to cotton. The machine washable pads will last through hundreds of washes.

Why use CleanAide®

The CleanAide® team from Eurow has been producing microfiber mops and mop pads for residential, commercial, and other industrial and professional uses for years. You can expect some of the best microfiber floor mops for both wet and dry cleaning jobs to wipe up everything from dust to pet hair on hardwood flooring, tile flooring, linoleum, and other hard surfaces.

CleanAide® offers flat mop systems and several types of reusable microfiber mop pads for whatever floor cleaning job you need done. Take a look through our collection today for the ultimate cleaning solution.