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Eurow has partnered with Barrett-Jackson® to create a full line of high-quality car detailing accessories. Included in this collection of auto care products are a number of microfiber towels for cars, microfiber car wash mitts, car detailing brushes, automotive microfiber towels, and wax applicators.

Wash Mitts

Under the Barrett-Jackson® brand are two car mitts. The chenille microfiber wash and scrub mitt makes car washing very easy in how much sudsy water it can hold in its large grip. The premium wash and polish mitt is made of faux sheepskin made to be used either wet or dry and suitable for all surfaces inside and outside of your car.

Car Brushes

Eurow has a number of Barrett-Jackson® car care products in the brush category. Amongst our collection of auto detailing brushes you'll find a number of tire brushes, including the wheel and spoke brush. The interior gets just as much attention as the exterior with brushes such as the microfiber duster and detail brush and the upholstery brush.

Microfiber Detailing Towels

Available in this online store are several towels for all of your car detailing needs. Whether you need a large waffle weave drying towel to quickly dry an entire vehicle or you need a couple plush detailing and polishing towels, you'll find them in Eurow's Barrett-Jackson® collection.

Wax Applicator

The two pack of wax applicator pads from Barrett-Jackson® uses a terry cloth weave supported by a sturdy backing that will make waxing and polishing a breeze.

Barrett-Jackson® is a registered trademark of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, LLC.