Trendsetter Microfiber Makeup Removal Cloths

These microfiber makeup removal cloths are top sellers with rave reviews for a reason: unmatched quality! Soft, durable, reusable here is a cost effective solution to say goodbye to cotton pads, balls and wipes! Read on to fall in love with this life-changing product if you are a makeup lover.
Microfiber Makeup Removal Cloths:


Soft plush microfiber cloths with a trimmed edge that prevents fraying and increases durability. 

How does it work:

Unlike cotton, which pushes dirt and dust in small piles, microfiber actually lifts and traps the particles into its fine fibers. These plush cloths with the softest microfiber strands picks up the makeup layers and refreshes your skin in seconds without any aggressive rubbing, tugging or scrubbing. Just use wet the cloths with warm water for a chemical-free cleanse every single time.

How to use:

  1. Wet the microfiber cloths under running warm water. Wring it out gently.
  2. Wipe of the makeup effortlessly.
  3. Clean the cloth with gentle liquid soap or throw them in the washer with other microfiber material cloths, towels etc., wash and reuse hundreds of times.
  4. Do not dry at a high heat in the dryer. Tumble dry on low, air dry or hang dry for best results. 


Tested and Made for All Skins.

Our makeup removal towels have been designed to work great on all skin types. Skin tolerance has been clinically tested under dermatological control. Whether you have normal, dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin, the cloths will work their magic in removing makeup easily and effortlessly.

Try these to find out why so many people around the world are getting rid of disposable wipes to make the switch to these makeup removing, facial cleansing cloths.

Disclaimer: Eurow®  Makeup Removing Face Cloths received the 5-Star Seal from Dermatest after daily skin condition checks on multiple subjects by a dermatologist that indicated no irritation, blemishes, or changes in skin condition over a four-week period.

Works Like Magic.

Unlike most other makeup removing cloth brands these are affordable and come in 3 sizes and 2 color variations (Coral and Gray):

  • The small size comes in a pack of 10 (each cloth measuring 5" x 5").
  • The medium size comes in a pack of 4 (each cloth measuring 8" x 8").
  • The large size comes in a pack of 2 (each cloth measuring 8" x 16").
These cloths remove ALL your makeup (even water proof makeup including eyeliners, mascara, lip colors etc.) with the simple addition of warm water and absolutely no chemicals or soap.

Never Buy Makeup Wipes/Makeup Remover Solutions Again:

Think about the sustainability of not buying makeup wipes or remover solutions ever again! These microfiber cloths clean your face way faster and more efficiently than a wipe! Completely clean your face in 60 seconds or lesser instead of 6-7 mins of tugging, scrubbing and rubbing! Saving you time, effort and money! 

Reusable Hundreds of Times:

When each microfiber cloth gets soiled, handwash with gentle liquid soap or when you are through multiple, throw them in the washer and machine wash with gentle liquid detergent. Each cloth can be washed and reused hundreds of times without losing it's microfiber properties.

~Eurow®- Quality products for everyday living!~

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