Eurow Microfiber Expands Via e-Commerce

Simi Valley, CA, January 06, 2016 -- Eurow & O’Reilly Corporation, a California-based manufacturer of high-quality automotive and equestrian accessories, microfiber, and sheepskin products has been developing its efforts in the cyberspace sector in order to generate additional sales. Originally beginning as a side project to generate small, supplemental transactions, e-commerce has grown to be a considerable part of the business. In the manufacturing and wholesale industry, markets develop in an extremely unpredictable fashion. With the extent of separation between supplier and direct consumer, it is evident that a simple transaction can become intricately involved; E-commerce, however, bridges this gap. Patrice Bonnefoi, COO provides, “At a double digit rate of growth, year over year, our business is growing steadily. We are looking at online sales as a major opportunity for expansion and will be committing additional resources to support it.” Currently, the company operates on a slew of marketplaces and its own websites; however, they are now in development of more opportunities within e-commerce.

With the ability of shoppers to purchase virtually anything online, 24 hours a day, it’s plain to see that the industry is on a fast-track of growth. The US Census Bureau explains, “e-commerce growth for manufacturers, retailers… significantly outpaced overall economic activity in their respective sectors.” (United States Census Bureau). Online sales are skyrocketing profits at an incredible pace, especially in manufacturing, and can be expected to keep growing to become an intrinsic part of the current economy. Eurow & O’Reilly’s existing online market is predominantly based on, the popular, go-to source of an assortment of consumer products. The existing endeavor lies in the recent development of the company’s eBay web store. The popular web-auction site has implemented the use of storefront pages for businesses and individuals alike to sell their products on one collective platform – essentially granting anyone the ability to open up a store. This now allows retailers of all sizes to sell on an individual level – Wholesalers are becoming direct suppliers to consumers.

For Eurow & O’Reilly, the growth in this perspective is expected to accomplish an assortment of goals, namely supplementing the company’s recent efforts to expand its level of consumer-direct sales on an online basis and enhance brand awareness. For more information and a complete catalog of products, visit the company at, their eBay web store at, or call 1(800) 747-7452.

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