500 GSM Edgeless Korea Towel - a detailing beast!



Talk about a towel that caters to multiple needs! Introducing the ultimate game-changer in auto detailing - our Detailer's Preference® 500 GSM edgeless microfiber Korea Towels! Perfect for your custom interior and exterior detail.

Made with a luxurious 70:30 blend of Polyester and Polyamide, these towels are designed to give your vehicle a professional-grade clean like never before. Say goodbye to pesky streaks and swirl marks, as our edgeless design ensures a smooth, scratch-free finish every time and mind you, no sewn-in label to get in your way! The 500 GSM count and high pile means you can rely on these microfiber towels to absorb water and dirt effortlessly, leaving your car spotless and shining bright. 

SHOPPING LINK: Detailer's Preference® 16 x 16 in. 500 GSM Ultra-Plush Edgeless Steel Gray Microfiber Towels – 6-pack


  • SIZE: These thick, plush, 500 GSM microfiber towels, measure 16” x 16” and are suitable for cleaning, drying or detailing.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The towels can be used for interiors and exteriors and glides easily on surfaces without scratching. Also, it can be used for all-purpose cleaning inside the house, garage, commercial cleaning etc.
  • 70:30 COMPOSITION: The towels are made in Korea and have the perfect 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide composition, as opposed to most towels being an 80:20 blend of Polyamide and Polyester, making it a super effective detailing tool that is soft and non-abrasive on all the painted, polished and textured surfaces.
  • EDGELESS: The towels are edgeless and they do not have labels sewn in, preventing scratches from labels and trims. Being edgeless does not mean, the edges are going to fray or lint more. In fact, these premium quality towel ensures a lint-free, scratch-free, swirl-free finish every single time!
  • REUSABLE: These durable microfiber towels can be washed (by machine or hand) and reused hundreds of times.


  • Hand or machine wash in warm water with mild detergent.
  • If you machine wash, keep all of your microfiber cloths in the same load. Mixing microfiber with other fabrics could lead to excessive linting and the microfiber losing its non-abrasive property.
  • Tumble dry low heat setting. Extreme heat will melt the fibers and render them useless.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener as it would reduce the efficacy of the microfiber.
  • Do not iron and do not dry clean.

 Whether you're a seasoned detailer or just starting out, our Korea Towels are the perfect addition to your arsenal. Trust us - once you try them, you'll wonder how you ever detailed without them. Upgrade your auto detailing game today with our premium edgeless Korea Towels!

  ~Eurow®- Quality products for everyday living!~

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