Nouvelle Legende® Stainless Steel Scrubbers Scouring Pad 12-Pack

Product Description
These scouring pads are perfect to take on the tough jobs. The Nouvelle Legende scrubbers are made of 100% rust resistant stainless steel. Our 1.75 Oz individual stainless steel scouring pads are very economical versatile and highly effective cleaning tool for the home or commercial establishment. Use for any tough cleaning job that requires highly abrasive material. Use in the kitchen on pots, racks, grills, stovetops etc. Do not use with self cleaning ovens, non stick surfaces or other delicate material as these pads will scratch. Use in the bathroom to remove soap scum, limescale, hard water stains in the shower, toilet, sink and non scratch counters. Use in the garage to clean parts and tools. Use outdoors to remove surface rust on equipment, tools or toys. Not recommended on coated surfaces or lightly polished surfaces. Always use wet. Care instructions: Run under water, stretching the pad to allow the collected debris and particles to fall out. After rinsing clean, rest on non metal surface. Scrubber can also be placed in dishwasher with silverware to clean and deodorize. Made of 100% rust resistant stainless steel. Pack of 12 scouring pads.
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