Microfiber Clay Towel Fine Grade 12in. X 12 in. Blue

Product Description
The next awesome tool everybody needs for a showroom shine in half the time. This Detailers Preference clay towel by Eurow can be reused up to 60 times. It is the perfect claybar alternative with only half the effort but a much better result because of the microfiber action. The clay towel safely and easily removes paint overspray, airborne deposits, grains of metal, bug splatter, sticky tar, rail dust, tree sap and more. This clay towel combines our tried and true microfiber towels with a high tech polymerized rubber coating to remove surface impurities. Directions for use: Wash vehicle surface to remove large particles. Wet the towel and the surface with water, clay lubricant or non alkaline soap. Gently rub the clay side of the towel across the vehicle surface. Keep the clay side of the towel free of loose particles to avoid scratching. Within seconds, the paint will be clean, smooth and perfectly prepared for waxing or polishing, if desired. Rinse and reuse. Use the microfiber side of the towel to wipe away excess moisture and remove any streaks. Care instructions: Do not use with any soap containing lye. Do not use in direct sunlight or on surfaces exceeding 120 F. Hand wash with coll water after use and lay flat to dry away from direct heat. Composition: 24.6% polyester, 6.2% polyamide, 38.5% butyl, 30.7% calcium carbonate
$ 24.95 $ 49.99