Eurow Microfiber Dual Pile Terry Weave Large Drying Towel (6 SqFt)

Product Description
This microfiber dual pile terry weave towel is the ultimate automotive drying tool. Dry your entire car without wringing. This towel has a longer, thicker pile. Microfiber's natural properties allow it to absorb more water than cotton and at the same time help eliminate the last dirty spots missed during the wash. Microfiber is very durable and will last several hundred washes, yet is gentle enough to be very safe on paint. We have constructed this towel in a large size (6 SqFt) to ensure just one will be needed to dry an entire vehicle. Do not waste your time with an inferior weave. This towel is the perfect drying accessory not only for your car but also for the boat, motorcycle, RV, truck and aircraft. The towel size is 32in X 27in. Care instructions: As for all microfiber product, for best performance, please make sure to wash in cold or warm water (not hot) and do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener is clogging the fibers and therefore would reduce the efficacy of the product. The fibers are naturally soft and do not require fabric softener
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