Eurow 16 x 16 in. 300-360 GSM Roll of Rags – Microfiber Cleaning Towels – 10-pack

Product Description
Eurow’s Roll of Rags is a 10-pack set of 16 x 16-inch microfiber cleaning towels coming in a large range of colors and measuring from 300 to 360 GSM. The towels composed of this roll typically have minor cosmetic blemishes, but that doesn’t affect their efficiency and usefulness around the garage and home. Like all microfiber cloth, these rags will be reusable for hundreds of cleanings.

Care instructions: Machine wash. Tumble dry low, and do not iron. Do not use fabric softener as this clogs the microfibers and reduces performance. Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash with other non-linting materials to maintain proper dirt-gripping properties.
$ 12.95