Eurow 13.5L (3.5 Gallon) Collapsible Basket Bucket

Product Description
13.5 Liter (3.5 gallons) easy to use PP & TPR Collapsible Basket Bucket. For indoor our outdoor use. Use around the house, in the kitchen, laundry room, garage. Take it outside to the beach, camping, fishing, BBQ, and more. Perfect for parties, tail gates, and other events. Versatile, watertight basket bucket has many uses and is sure to come in handy. Easy to use carrying handle for convenient use. The basket bucket collapses into itself for easy, compact storage. 2.9" height when collapsed. When needed, basket bucket opens and locks in place. Comfortable, sturdy handles for easy transportation. Size 18.7” x 10.8” x 7.25”
$ 18.95 $ 29.99