Detailer's Preference Microfiber Spa Polishing Towels 15" X 16" (2-Pack)

Product Description
This is a pack of two Eurow Microfiber spa polishing towels. These microfiber polishing towels can be used wet or dry on virtually any surface. Dampen the towel with water to remove smudges, grease and grime with ease. Leave it dry and the electrostatic charges in the fibers make the towel a dust magnet. Great for detailing the interior and the exterior of any vehicle these towels are doing an incredible job at polishing. They are very soft, probably some of the softest we ever manufactured. Some Customers love them for silver buffing. Typically used to shine the exterior of your car or to dust the inside, these towels are also absolutely perfect for polishing furniture or buffing flatware. Use wet to clean or dry to dust. 2 Pack. Size: 15" X 16". Color: Gold. 100% polyester Care instructions: Machine wash warm with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener, chlorine bleach or dryer sheets. Wash with like colors, non linting fabrics and tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.
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