CleanAide® 24-inch Coral Weave Microfiber Wet & Dry Mop Pad with Poly Strip – 6-pack

Product Description
If you need extra mop pads, consider purchasing this 6-pack of 24-inch CleanAide® Coral Weave Microfiber Mop Pad with Poly Strips in either red, yellow, or blue. All these microfiber mop pads:
  • Are made to use wet or dry for washing away grime or picking up dirt
  • Attach to any 24-inch frame via an easy-to-use hook and loop system.
  • Require no chemicals to use, just like all CleanAide® mop pads.
With a durability that beats other materials, you can expect to wash and reuse hundreds of times for the same superb results with each cleaning.
$ 34.95