Cleanaide® Microfiber Towels - Assorted Color Mix - 3 Pack

Product Description
Three pack towels from Cleanaide® - this is a random assorted mix of high quality 260 GSM microfiber towels. Microfiber cleans and collects dust like a magnet because of its wedge shaped fibers that lift and trap dirt and other particles. It has been engineered to withstand hundreds of washes and to dry faster using less energy. Microfiber works better and lasts longer than traditional fibers such as cotton, saving time, money, and the environment. The towels are a convenient and efficient 12" X 16" size. This is a set of three random 260 GSM microfiber towels from four available colors - white, yellow, greeen, and orange. We can not guarantee which color combination you will receive. Machine washable with no chlorine bleach and no water softener. Tumble dry low
$ 5.95 $ 9.99