Eurow Sheepskin Wash and Polish Painters Mitt 4-Pack

Product Description
This is a pack of 4 Eurow® Sheepskin automotive washing and polishing mitt. This is a luxurious product branded Detailer's Preference®. Thumb design for greater control and less fatigue. Elastic cuff. Safe on delicate surfaces. Dual purpose; Use dry to wipe dust from dashboards or to polish. Use wet to wash. Most of our customers use this mitt to wash their cars, but some use it for a very different type of application; this mitt can be used to paint or wash outside walls. Several construction materials are not flat and therefore difficult to paint with a roller. This mitt is perfect to reach the depth of the uneven surface. Care instructions: After each use, wash with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and air dry out of direct sunlight.
$ 49.95 $ 69.99