English Merino Sheepskin Seat Saver (Tiger, Regular)

Product Description
There is no honor in an aching backside. Super soft Merino cushions you and saves saddle seat and cantle from wear and tear. Size: fits 16.5 to 18 inches. Natural sheepskin is surprisingly easy to care for. It is machine washable, however, under the most exacting conditions, it is enough to let the item dry and brush out mud and sweat with a wire brush. Machine washable, use cold water. Dry flat in shade, never on top of heater or in full sunlight. Sheepskin has long been a staple in the medical field for its ability to prevent pressure sores and provide a surface to regulate heat or cold. Unlike wool, hairs are left on the hide where air can circulate to create a cushion and regulate temperature. There is no other material to equal sheepskin's combined benefits. Once you start using our genuine sheepskin products, you will never want to use any other fleece again.
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