Eurow Handy Mate Complete Car Care System (Sheepskin Wash Bonnet)

Product Description
The key to the Handy Mate's winning performance is its large 10" diameter that covers more area, reducing washing, polishing, and buffing time. The Velcro hand strap provides full control, stability, and grip to minimize arm and hand fatigue. The thick sheepskin car wash bonnet holds a lot of soapy water meaning fewer dips in the bucket.

Also included with the Handy Mate are the blue microfiber wax-applicator bonnet, which allows you to apply wax in one-third of the time, and the green microfiber bonnet which will buff any automobile to a perfect showroom shine. This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to clean and detail their vehicle in a short amount of time with minimal effort.
$ 12.95