Detailer's Preference® Sol Shell™ Car Cover

Product Description
Detailer's Preference® Sol Shell™ car covers feature a sunlight reflection cover that keeps your vehicle up to 25°F cooler. That's the difference between getting in your car and immediately being drenched in sweat as opposed to keeping cool and feeling good.

Detailer's Preference® uses a unique 4-layer material to manufacture its car covers. The Sol Shell™ 4-layer material provides a durable, protective shield. It is lightweight for easy installation and features an ultra-plush lining to spare your finish, providing a scratch-free defense from the elements. Other features include:
  • The breathable nature of Sol Shell™ makes it easy for moisture to escape from under the cover.
  • A solid rubber tensioner holds down the cover to prevent lifting and flapping, keeping your Sol Shell™ cover in place.
  • Sewn in pockets conceal the paint safe grommets, allowing you to tie or lock down the cover using a cable and lock. Nylon straps with a plastic buckle help hold the cover down during heavier winds.
  • The double stitched seams included on Sol Shell™ reinforce the edges, resisting rips and tears.
As a bonus, all our Sol Shell™ covers include a storage bag to make it easier to store in your trunk.
$ 39.77 $ 49.95